Let’s Work Together for Your Next Event!

All events should be inspiring and, hopefully, life-changing. To achieve these goals, you need impactful presentations.
That's where I come in. I'll make your event a powerful, empowering experience designed to inspire your audience. I'll use humor and real-life examples to break down complex evidence-based insights, making them incredibly easy to understand and implement.
My mission is to empower your audience with the knowledge and the action steps they need to achieve their goals.
I'll help you create an experience that will last!

Events should be unique, so should be the presentations. That's why I'll customize my talk to your specific audience. Some of the different areas I can cover are:
- Diet & Nutrition
- Dietary supplements
- Biohacking technologies
- Biohacking ancestral practices
- Metabolic Diseases
- Ketosis
- Fasting
- Digestion Optimization
- Microbiome balance
- Detoxification
- HORDIL Strategy
- Bioindividuality and personalized nutrition/lifestyle
- Longevity and anti-aging
- Fitness
- Injury prevention and Biomechanics
- Maximizing performance
- Stress management
- Finding purpose and achieving goals
- Entrepreneurship

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