- Losing Weight
- Building Muscle
- Healing and Preventing Chronic Disease
- Having an Optimized Brain
- Spending the Day full of Energy
- Looking and Feeling Younger than your Age

These are not impossible goals. Your body can easily achieve all of these. You just need to stop following the lies you've been told. 

Come with me on this journey and I'll show you how much you can achieve!

1 book = 1 Donation

While my goal is to guide you on how to revolutionize your diet and help you achieve your health goals, I recognize there are many people that unfortunately don't have access even to the most basic foods. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that a significant percentage of them are children. That is why I have decided to donate a part of the book's revenue to institutions feeding children in need. I have spoken with members of these institutions and I truly believe they are doing all they can to fulfill their mission. 

For each E-Book, Paperback, or Hardcover Book purchased, I will donate $1 to fight child hunger.

Below, please see the institutions I will donate to and, if you can, please donate to them directly as well. Click on their logos to access their websites.


We have been told that health is the absence of disease. However, you can spend your entire life with indigestion, headaches, excess weight, joint pain, brain fog, low libido, poor immunity, and never get a diagnosis. Technically, you’re healthy. This is why people have accepted that feeling “okay” is normal.
Lets get the facts straight, this definition of health is pure BS and Humans feeling just okay is not normal! We were designed to feel incredible most of the time. 

Why do we feel this way?
Although we are living in an age of information in which information is widely disseminated, we are less informed and less knowledgeable than ever. In this Information Paradox, we are drowning in Information but starving for knowledge.

There is so much information out there that one does not know what to believe in. And worse, most of the information being spread is based on bad science.

Obviously, there are many excellent books which explain certain points brilliantly. However, they also completely miss other important aspects of your diet and health. The truth is that a good deal of health experts have been turning nutrition concepts into religions. Nutrition has become a place of skyscraper egos and fanaticism. Not to mention the multi-billion-dollar industry that it is. There is no attempt to find the best of all perspectives and look at the bigger picture... Just experts insulting each other’s point of view. 

This is where The Neo Diet is different. On the journey of healing myself, I reviewed thousands of scientific articles, books, blog posts, podcasts, and interviews from researchers on different sides of the spectrum. I took the most studied and trialed concepts from all these opposing nutritional views and tested them for years. This allowed me to uncover many health secrets we have forgotten, combine them with innovative science, and build a guide anyone can follow. This became The Neo Diet.

Instead of spending years reading thousands of scientific articles and hundreds of books, you now can get the very best evidence-based knowledge in ONE book. All of this with plenty of humor, broken down so anyone can understand, and with concrete action steps at the end of each chapter.


Besides being a comprehensive guide with the finest research published in the last few decades, The Neo Diet was written not only considering the theory but also after field testing all these concepts extensively.

These principles were tested and assessed with an open mind. My goal was to heal myself and I did not care if that meant following a vegan diet, a carnivore diet, a keto diet, or any other diet out there. What mattered was the quality of the research and the anecdotal results.

There is also a tremendous advantage of writing a book while completely unknown to the nutrition world and general public. You do not have to stick to any claims made in the past, you don't have a brand to support, and you can stay unbiased, focusing on what actually works. And that's what I did!

Unlike most books out there, The Neo Diet does not sell a one-size-fits-all formula. I’ll let you in on a secret. That does not exist in real life. We all have individual physiological responses to food. We all have different lifestyles, genetics, gut microbiomes, and so on. These differences will make you process food in your unique way. By following a one-size-fits-all approach, you may restrict yourself from foods you love that are actually amazing for you. Heck, some radical diets promote such a sense of restriction that people end up developing eating disorders like orthorexia and even full-blown anorexia nervosa.

This book is not meant to restrict but rather to empower you with the information needed for you to make educated decisions, improve your health and quality of life. Ultimately, this is a Guide and not a Rule Book. Armed with the right knowledge, you will regain control over your health and start feeling amazing every single day. You will finally be able to flip the switch and unlock your body’s full potential to live and healthy and ecstatic life.


People with excess weight

Been trying to lose weight forever, but it seems impossible? This book is for you. There is a lot more to excess weight than the "calories in, calories out" BS we have been told.


Tired of not finding answers for your medical condition that just keeps getting worse? This book is for you. We will discuss the root causes of all disease and how your diet and lifestyle can revert these conditions. Yes, even genetic ones!


Are you concerned about your child's physical and cognitive development? You should be. We live in a toxic world and our diet and lifestyle are making children sick. The good news is that you will learn how to prevent these issues and how to handle them if they are already present.


To be fair, I said entrepreneurs, but this book is for anyone who wants to perform at their best cognitively. This book will show you how to obliterate brain fog and how to have energy to kick ass throughout the whole day!


Want to recover faster and prevent injuries? iIt all starts with what you shove down your pie-hole. In this book, you will learn what to eat to lower your inflammation, to boost your metabolism and make you crush every single workout.


Unfortunately, our formal education left us unprepared and without the proper knowledge to make a real difference. We were trained to look at symptoms and we were not given the tools to understand the whole picture. This book is packed with the groundbreaking science and it will debunk many of the myths you were taught. 


19  Mind-Blowing Chapters Full of The Latest Research to Help You
Unlock Your Superhuman Potential

01 - Killer Genes, Self-Destroying Lifestyle & Toxic Food

- How your lifestyle choices are telling your genes to make you sick.
- Epigenetics: How you can be incredibly healthy even if you have "bad genes."
- How our evolution changed our diet and our health. 
- Additives and the toxins in our food.
- The pornographic foods that are making you addicted.

02 - The Digestive Journey

- How your digestive system works and how your dietary choices are wrecking it.
- How your digestive system is connected to the lymphatic, detoxification and immune systems. What you eat will then affect your entire body.

03 - These “Healthy” Foods Are Making You Sick

- Some of the foods doctors and nutritionists recommend are actually the ones harming you the most.
- Learn about the main antinutrients and the foods that have them.

04 - Becoming Stronger Than Superman By Microdosing On Kryptonite
- The "toxic" foods that in small doses can strengthen you.
- Hormesis and Autophagy: The physiological responses that make you healthier.
05 - Trust Your Gut

- The microorganisms inside you are part of what makes humans so complex.
- How the microbiome assists you in many physiological processes.
- What's the difference between Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics.
- Dysbiosis: When the ecosystem gets out of balance, issues arise.
- SIBO, SIFO, IBD and IBS: What are these?
- The link between your gut health and Autoimmune diseases.
- How your gut is directly connected to your brain's health.
- The top 5 gut busters. Learn how to stay away from them.

06 - The Epidemic No One Talks About

- We have an epidemic of Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Disorders, and Inflammatory Diseases.
- Learn how these 3 are connected and how they are linked to all disease in the body.
- Find out how these issues occur and how you can fix them.

07 - Debunking Myths About Carbs, Fat and Cholesterol

- You have been tricked into eating more than what you need. 
- How the CICO concept is inaccurate.
- The hormones that regulate your hunger. Use them in your favor.
- Learn if carbs are good or bad for you.
- Sugar and sweeteners. Finding heathy alternatives.
- How the Ketogenic Diet can help some people.
- Learn why achieving metabolic flexibility is a goal you should have.
- Science breakdown on what dietary fat does to you. This might surprise you!
- Distinguish the different types of fats and learn about the foods that contain them.
- They lied about your cholesterol. There are some secrets you have not been told. 

08 - The Ultimate Reset

- The fasting trend: Friend or Foe?
- Learn how you can trigger the body's repairing system.
- How one simple lifestyle change can improve your brain, boost your metabolism, lower inflammation, and increase your longevity.
- Learn to hack your metabolism in record time.

09 - Protein: Broscience & The Vegan-Carnivore Debate
- How much protein do you need? The answer to this controversial question.
- Vegans versus Carnivores: Who wins this battle?
- Learn the truth about the research you have been quoted on eating plants and meat. I'll uncover what has been omitted.
- The best diet for your health and for our planet's sustainability. 
- Best sources of protein.
10 - Feeding The Maintenance Crew

- The evolution of fiber from poop to gold.
- What is fiber and what are the best types.
- Learn what fiber-rich foods can improve your microbiome and make you healthier.

11- The Traditional Foods That Made Us Stronger

- How fermented foods contributed for our evolution.
- The benefits of eating fermented foods.
- Understanding micronutrition.
- How to solve the histamine issue.
- What are the best fermented foods for you.

12 - The Missing Macros
- Learn what many consider the elixirs of life.
- Is alcohol good for you? There is an unusual take on this taboo topic.
- Is dehydration just marketing hype?
- The best way to stay hydrated might have nothing to do with water.
- Understand the good and the bad of your coffee habit.
- Learn why tea has been used for millennia, and what are the best teas for you.
13 - The Salty Truth

- Our salt intake through history.
- The salt paradox: Healthy people eating plenty of salt. What's the deal here?
- Learn the real science on how salt interacts with your body.
- How much salt should you actually consume.

14 - Beyond Diet
- Diet is only half of the equation. Lifestyle is the other half.
- The type of exercise that is wrecking your biology.
- The best type of exercise for weight loss and to gain muscle.
- Circadian rhythm: How not respecting your internal clock can make you sick.
- How many hours of sleep do you actually need? 
- Learn how to hack your shuteye to sleep like a baby.
- How being in nature and getting plenty of sunlight is encoded in your genes.
- Learn about the "edible sunscreen" only a few know about.
- Stress as a cause of disease: Learn how to manage it.
- The hidden toxins around you and how you can protect yourself.
15 - Hacking The Kitchen

- Raw foods vs Cooked foods: What's best?
- The way you are preparing certain foods is making them toxic.
- Learn how to get the most nutrition out of your food.
- Hack your kitchen: Get the best cookware recommendations.

16 - Unleashing The Body's Innate Ability To Heal

- Detox fads and what is actually happening inside of you.
- Learn how to fix your broken digestion.
- The hacks to heal your gut that only a few know about.
- The strategies to optimize your lymphatic system that you won't find in most books.
- Learn how to detox your body from some of the nastiest chemicals inside you.
- The exact detox sequence. The reason most detox programs leave you feeling worse.

17 - The Neo Diet Formula
- Learn the Neo Diet Formula and the Hordil Strategy.
- Hack your success with these easy tricks.
- Get access to the Food Matrix.
- Learn the best food replacements.
- My 15 success principles to guide your diet.
18 - The Jumpstart Blueprint

- The 4-week program that will help you get rid of the toxins making you sick, and jumpstart your metabolism.
- Food guides and action plan for each week.

19 - The Neo Lifestyle

- Learn to sustain this new diet and lifestyle and continue to improve every day.
- How to personalize your diet to your unique physiology.
- The 90/10 rule for improved long-term results.
- The best supplements to consider for optimizing your health.
- Answering the most frequently asked questions.


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