Hi. I'm the Original NeoHacker, but please call me Kevin.
If you have ever watched The Matrix, consider me your Morpheus. Your guide in this journey of becoming superhuman.

I studied physical therapy in college and have since further expanded my studies into areas such as osteopathy, naturopathy, and nutrition. Nowadays, my mission is to help people achieve their best health and performance levels. However, this whole health adventure started with the goal of healing myself.

As a baby, I was always sick. If it had "itis" in the name, I had it. All the way to my late teens, things did not get much better. I had chronic migraines that no Doctor could ever diagnose the cause. My digestion was trash. Most meals would trigger gas so powerful that once can consider chemical warfare. And I always had to fight with my ADHD to get through school. As a young adult, these issues only got worse. Op top of that, I was also getting injured constantly and developed severe depression. 

Since 2012, I have spent my time trying to heal myself. I have read thousands of scientific articles and hundreds of books on nutrition, pathology, physiology, fitness, and biohacking. During this process. I tested different concepts and made notes of what worked and what failed, creating my own guides.
This lead me to the development of the NeoHacker. A multi-media platform designed to share my research, and to give access to people the information I wish someone had given me when I first started.

The NeoHacker is for the ones I love but also for the people I am yet to meet.

It’s for doctors, therapists, nutritionists, coaches, athletes, and especially for you. I am truly honored you are here and I am incredibly excited to be your guide on this journey to unlock your best self. Or, how I like to call it, your Neo Self!


Because the domain biohacker.co was already taken. Just kidding!

Although the wordplay is definitely intentional, there is a lot more to it. Many authors suggest our genetic code still has the same information it had back in the Paleolithic Era. They defend our bodies are not adapted to this modern lifestyle and, thus, we should adopt a "Paleo lifestyle."

Although I agree with this evolutionary discordance theory, I also recognize that most people don’t feel like leaving their houses and going to the woods to become hunter-gatherers. Instead, I believe we should consider our current lifestyle, which is much more similar to the lifestyle developed during the Neolithic Era, and optimize it to achieve our full potential. Hence, Neo Hacker. The Hacker of the Neolithic Lifestyle.

Another justification could be that I am getting inspired by The Matrix. One could say I am drawing an analogy between your health journey and the journey of the movie’s protagonist, Neo, whose search for answers leads him to question everything he believes. His quest for the truth changes him radically and ultimately makes him incredibly powerful. I humbly recognize this is a pretty sweet analogy. Don't you agree?

Independently of what you prefer, let's not get stuck in the semantics. My mission is the most important thing. Helping you upgrade your biology so you can conquer all you want in life.

Be the next NeoHacker!


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