Want to get coached by me?

Even the best athletes in the world need coaches to unlock higher levels of performance. 
I am here to do the same for you!

My Coaching Programs will provide you with:
- Accountability
- Encouragement
- Multi-Dimensional Approach
- Support
- Personalized Plan
- Results!

Let me help you find your Neo Self.

NeoHacker Group Coaching
Our Group Coaching Programs are being revamped to provide you with an even more amazing experience. If you are interested in our Group Coaching Programs, please join our waiting list by clicking the button below. 

NeoHacker 1-on-1 Coaching
If groups aren't for you, or you require a more individualized strategy, book 1-on-1 sessions to jump start your health goals. Together, we can work on creating a unique plan to achieve your goals of fat loss, gut health, metabolic flexibility, cognitive enhancement, work efficiency, hormone balance, athletic optimization, stress management, and mindset.
Our multi-dimensional 360º approach checks all the boxes and is the secret to create lasting change.

Lasting change is not something that simply happens after one coaching session. If someone advertises that idea, please know they are selling snake oil. Changing your life requires a plan, but it also requires work from you, accountability, and course corrections from your coach. This is why most of my coaching programs are 90-day long. In 90 days, we can see genuine change and it is enough time for you to turn these new habits into longstanding routines. 

However, if just want to chat about your major goals and get answers for some of your questions, I also offer a 50-minute video session where we can come up with a game plan for you. 

Strategy Session

1 Individual Consultation

$450 single payment

50-minute Video Call 

Get your questions answered

Individualized Plan for your Goals

Recording of the Call



1-on-1 Human Optimization Program

90-day Individual Coaching Program

$3197 payment plan available

12 Strategy Sessions with Recording of the Calls

Personalized 360º Action Plan

Home/Work Evaluation & Optimization Blueprint

Lifetime Access to NeoHacker Tribe Premium



VIP Human Optimization Coaching


My VIP program is for a few select clients that want to achieve their goals in record time. Consider this my 90-day Human Optimization Program on steroids.

In this program, I'll be your personal concierge, and I will provide you with the most innovative health, fitness, mindset, and biohacking protocols, and show you how to add them into your own life.

This program is only open to 5 people at a time. So, don't lose your chance of becoming 1 of my 5 VIPs!


VIP Human Optimization Coaching

3-month minimum commitment

$1997 per month

Initial 360º Evaluation

Full Access
- Unlimited daily support from yours truly. This includes text/voice messaging access to answer your questions and provide full support.

2 Video Strategy Sessions per month to review more complex issues

Personalized 360º Action Plan

Home/Work Evaluation & Optimization Blueprint

Lifetime Access to NeoHacker Tribe Premium



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